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One of India’s largest consumer products company, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company, is planning to expand to the bottom of the pyramid in India. And to do this, it is thinking of creating an innovative refrigerator.

Only 20% of Indians have one. This covers 80% of the upper and middle classes in the large cities, and only 1% of village dwellers. There are villages without even a single refrigerator, and that have no electricity infrastructure either. To fill the gap, Godrej plans to develop a miniature refrigerator running on a long-life battery. 

The company has invested in several US semiconductor companies developing the futuristic technology that could enable a miniaturized refrigerator like this to conquer the Indian market. Read more

Bringing together electrical and optical components on computer chips would speed data transfer within and between computers, but the incompatibility of the best laser materials with the silicon used to make today’s chips has been a major hurdle.  By growing nanolasers made of so-called exotic semiconductors on silicon, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have surmounted this hurdle.  Read more

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