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Twenty-six year old Dr. U. Umadevi from Bodi in Theni district, Tamil Nadu, has recently bagged the prestigious Bharat Siksha Ratan award by the Global Society for Health and Education for her research in drug designs. She has discovered the wonder chemicals known as ‘potentiators’ which can enhance the performance of almost anything from vehicle fuel, cement, rubber, etc. and also reduce emission to a large extent.

According to Umadevi, the potentiators, when mixed with petrol or diesel, enhance the performance of the multipoint fuel ingestion engines by 12 percent. They can also reduce emission by 60 to 90 percent. When mixed with cement, the chemicals increase the strength of the concrete compression by 36 percent, reducing the use of cement by an equal amount.

Similarly, with potentiators the tensile strength of rubber can be enhanced by 42 percent, increasing its durability. When sprayed on cigarettes and then inhaled, the nicotine levels in the cigarettes can be reduced by nearly 90 percent.

Umadevi has discovered six different types of potentiators of which she has patents for four. Read more

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