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Hi. I am Vantika. Nationality: Indian. Age: 36. Profession: Worked as a Journalist for most years; recently started working as a Marketing and Communications professional. Location: Bangalore. Hometown: Delhi.

My interests include reading, music, travel, etc. I like to stay optimistic.

Those interested in my career graph can access my LinkedIn profile here.

Thanks for reading this page.

Hope you like my blog posts!


5 Responses to "About Me"

Vantika we must connect sometime…nice articles

Hi Hareeni,

Thanks for your note. Please feel free to drop me an email at

Warm Regards,


I love the detail that you go into. Continue the good work!

I believe you have remarked some really interesting details, thank you for the post.

Ms. Vantika Dixit,

I am prabhu, i was very much impressed by ur profile, good luck


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