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Indian Scientists Create Painless Needle for Injecting Medicine

Posted on: 1 September 2014

A team of scientists and engineers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore, have created a ‘microneedle’ that take the sting off injections. The new microneedle is one-third of the thickness of conventionally used needles. With a diameter of just 130 microns, these injections can deliver drugs almost painlessly. The innovation can definitely prove to be good for diabetics who need frequent insulin injections.

Unlike the conventional stainless steel needles, these microneedles are made of silicon and are arranged in a set of several needles to deliver drugs of a required quantity. Initially the team had a challenge to resolve as silicon is not always “biocompatible”. It reacts with blood plasma and can corrode with time. Therefore, the researchers decided to coat the needle with fine layers of titanium and gold through electroplating. The coated microneedle are currently at the animal-testing stage and it could be a while before they are tested clinically on humans. Read more in a report by Divya Gandhi.

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