Indian Engineers Develop Software for Women Safety

Indian Engineers Develop Software for Women Safety

In the backdrop of the rising incidences of crime against women, three software engineers of Nashik, Maharashtra, have developed an application which would ensure help for women in trouble. The app, “Me against rape” can be downloaded on Android devices for free.

It is a one-touch app that was developed keeping in mind the urgency of the situation. The user has to set a text for messaging a known person or a relative for help, like “I am in trouble”. There is a facility for saving two phone numbers for help. There is a ‘help’ button on the screen of the mobile phone which has the message contact and call contact options on it. When in trouble the user can press the help button which will automatically send the alert message t to the contact person registered. The app also provides the option of audio recording for verbal abuse that can be recorded stealthily as well as logs the latitude, longitude and location of the user every 10 minutes.

Anoop Unnikrishanan (24), Gunwant Battashe (23), engineer and graphic designer Jayesh Bankar (23) developed the first version of the software a fortnight back in a span of eight days and the second version in the next eight days. This is an excerpt from a detailed story filed by Sumita Sarkar of TNN. Read more

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